Library Email marketing for prospect acquisition just got smarter No need to argue, email marketing as an acquisition channel is by far the most profitable for marketers. However, its success has resulted in untargeted mass-market campaigns and higher marketing pressure. Respecting email marketing best practices is no longer a condition for achieving great deliverability. Every marketer has to consider the idea of every contact’s “spam feeling”, since this could seriously inhibit the performance of your acquisition campaigns. Library makes it possible for your brand to keep up a great image towards your prospects and maintain return on investment.

Instant acquisition

Has your marketing budget been spent on performance based acquisition campaigns? Are you now facing important churn rates and don’t know how to maintain your database performance?

Plug our Instant Acquisition program and start prospecting intelligently. Reach out to your prospects in real time and observe the increased return on investment immediately.

Instant Acquisition will send your campaigns to a targeted audience, at the right moment. This approach will bring you a better result at all levels:

  • Availability: each contact will receive your campaign when they are available, not when you press the “send” button. This results in a higher opening rate for your campaign
  • Brand image: by respecting your prospects, your brand will benefit from a better image, and further on, a better CTR
  • Targeting: applying declarative and behavioral segmentation will increase your conversion rate and average spending

Plug Instant Acquisition and start reaching out to your future clients.

Target acquisition

Do you have a special offer that you want to share beyond your own client list?

Target Acquisition is based on a cutting-edge algorithm that will maximize your results:

  • Who is your target?
  • When should you send your campaign to achieve the best overall results?
  • What market trends should you think of for this campaign?

Target Acquisition guarantees you an opening rate of 40% for your targeted campaigns. Start driving high quality traffic to your brand today and see results in turnover instantly.

Smart PRM

Are you part of an affiliate network to collect new prospects every month? Has marketing pressure of your own brand gone beyond your control?

Receiving the same campaign up to ten times from different intermediaries has become an unfortunate truth for prospects, a direct consequence of proficiency based media planning.

Brand image detoriation, higher churn and complaint rates are direct outcomes of this short-term strategy.

Plug Smart PRM to your acquisition campaign and benefit from a scenario based acquisition campaign. Offer a brand journey to your prospects, and make them discover your brand through a natural and viable email marketing experience:

  • Manage marketing pressure
  • Behavioral and declarative scenarios for a personalized conversion tunnel
  • Branding and acquisition in one