Emailing Platform Live Data is a cloud based emailing platform that enables client engagement by one to one campaigns, scenario automation and customer retention. Intuitive and easy to employ, Live Data Emailing is the perfect tool for email marketers who don’t want to spend their time reading user manuals. Whether you’re a content editor, online store or a traditional retailer, Live Data Platform has been created to satisfy your needs. Live Data Emailing enables you to build and manage customer lifecycles and deliver context driven messages. It takes into account your clients’ behavior and device preferences, for a targeted and personalized dialogue. Access your campaign manager directly on our online interface our plug our API to your system. A specialized consultant will help you set up your account and accompany you on a daily basis to get the best out of your email marketing experience.

Customer Intelligence

Do you measure the engagement rate of your emails?

Live Data makes you go beyond open rates and CTR, to really get to know your customer. How are men reacting to your communications vs women? What is the iPad equipment rate for your target? And most important, is your communication adapted to your customers’ preferences?

Live Data Emailing gives you the opportunity to easily manage your marketing budget by controlling performances by subscription origin. Do you really know which origin produces the highest unsubscribe rate?

Use this information in our top performing segmentation tool: chose from declarative and behavioral criteria and add as many filters as you want to enable client engagement.


A context driven, relevant and personalized message

As many marketers, you have probably invested in online acquisition campaigns and you are now waiting for your return on investment. Content is by far the best loyalty vector, if it’s relevant and used correctly.

Live Data Emailing gives you the opportunity to assess your client’s palatability to your newsletter. Use keywords and inmail engagement tracking to improve your customer loyalty, drive engagement to your brand and increase conversion rates.

No matter how good you think that you know your customer, testing is the key to success. Our AB testing tool helps you determine the most suitable subject line, the highest performing call to action, and the most relevant content for your targeted customer.

Campaign Automation

How do you manage customer retention?

Do you know at what moment and why your customer stops reading your communication?

Live Data Scenario enables you to program automatic welcome scenarios, retention and reactivation programs. Live Data Scenario defines your communication plan and brings you added value on a daily basis:

  • Intuitive : Create and manage your customer journey with a simple “drag & drop” application, add behavioral and declarative filters at each customer interaction
  • Efficient : Save time by programming your dynamic scenario once and make each customer experience special
  • Intelligent : Deliver context driven messages taking into account content and device preferences
  • Performant : evaluate the performance of each scenario and improve each step to achieve a higher performing communication plan

Your customer’s journey starts here.

Intelligent delivery management

Always at the top of the inbox

Start taking into account the best time to send your email for each one of your customers and increase your opening rate by 30%. Intelligent Delivery Management is a cutting-edge technology that enables you to always be on top of the inbox, 24h/24h.




Optimize your sending

time for each recipient


opening rates

Multi support

Context is the key to your success

An average of 30% of all emails are opened and read on smartphones and tablets, which means a potential loss of 30% of your turnover if your message isn’t well displayed.

Make sure to provide a contextualized email experience to your clients using responsive design templates and forms.

Make your message go viral

Live Data Emailing goes beyond emailing and devices, and makes your message viral through social networks shares. Add the feature when creating your message and see your message go viral.


Live Data Platform provides dedicated IPs and engages to deliver your emails. Deliverability is a priority to us and an engagement to our customers. Therefor, we have considered the impact of all key factors and offer solutions to optimize each step of your campaign experience. Check if your domain is blacklisted, verify your content with Spam Assasin, manage your blacklists easily and receive deliverability alerts if you are suffering from bad reputation.

Live Data Solution also edits other cutting-edge technologies for your database management. The List Cleaner, The List Activator and the Email Optimizer.

Instant Mail

Instant Mail® is the only solution on the market that ensures you to send your campaign when your clients are actually reading their emails. This exclusive technology goes beyond the features of traditional emailing platforms and matches encrypted data in real time.

Enter our real-time bidding platform and start reactivating your inactive contacts, re-subscribe old unsubscribes and boost your overall email marketing performances.

Plug Instant Mail® to your Live Data account, reach your target at the exact moment they open emails and multiply your opening rate by 2.

Inactive contacts

With Instant Mail®, you can reactivate your inactive users at the right moment.

When Martin is active reading his emails at 12:15pm,
the Instant Mail® technology sends out your reactivation email.

Double your chances to pick up a conversation with your inactive contacts.

Unsubscribed contacts

Instant Mail® will identify your unsubscribed contacts and re-subscribe them to your campaigns.

When Hannah is active reading her emails at 12:40pm,
the Instant Mail® technology sends out your special offer to make her re-subscribe to your mailing list.

Recover lost contacts and increase turnover.

Active contacts

Increase your open rates drastically with Instant Mail®.

When Matthew is active reading his emails at 4:35 pm,
the Instant Mail® technology sends out your newsletter in order to always be at the top of the Inbox.

Multiply your open rate by 2 and increase your CTR considerably.

40 millions

hits per month


CTR rate


open rate


churn rate

List Cleaner Are you about to send your first newsletter? Then you might want to know that your first send out will set the stakes for your future deliverability. The List Cleaner offers a professional data hygiene service featuring a multi-layered approach to identify, validate and protect against a wide range of e-mail-based threats. The List Cleaner removes your non-deliverable emails before scheduling your first campaign, to deliver your emails correctly in the future. In order to keep you off third party blacklists and enhance deliverability, database cleaning and maintenance is primordial. We help you to maintain your reputation by applying best practices and by providing software to excel in email marketing.
List Activator

By sending out to only active users, you keep your deliverability up. However, you also end up with a big amount of inactive users that you don’t receive your emails anymore and meanwhile you keep spending your marketing budget to get new potential customers. The List Activator enables you to reactive your old users with a high potential to become clients again.

The List Activator identifies your potential and enables you to keep the acquisition budget down by prospecting your own database first. Keep costs down, increase your deliverability and boost your turnover instantly.

Email Optimizer

Customer driven communication and a great offer mean a lot, but not necessarily enough to reach the inbox. Go all the way and clean up your html code with the Email Optimizer to make sure to reach all of your potential clients.

The Email Optimizer is a cutting-edge technology that really makes a difference when it comes to deliverability. This software extends beyond html optimization, it also generates an automatic text version of your email to make you save time. See the positive impact on your campaigns immediately and increase your return on investment.