Live Data edits innovative and performing email marketing solutions.

Real time email
marketing platform
Build and manage customer lifecycles, deliver context driven messages based on opening time, for a targeted and personalized dialogue.
Create and manage your customer journey with a simple “drag & drop” application, add behavioral and declarative filters at each customer interaction. View the results in real time.
Increase the engagement rate of your emails by offering an individual and personalized dynamic content. Allow your customers to choose the device of their choice.
Implement our data hygiene services to remove all undeliverable elements and spam traps. Identify high potential contacts among your inactive lists and limit your churn rate.
Extend the reach of your email campaigns by social share. Let your messages go viral and target your brand ambassadors with personalized content and awards.
to store
Create a natural user experience, and invite your customers to a brick and mortar experience. Include a dynamic store locator and track your conversions with an integrated barcode system.

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Plug Live Data Emailing directly to

your Magento or Prestashop website.

What benefits for your company?

Increase client engagement and overall campaign performance.

Increase the involvement of your contacts through a one-to-one marketing.
Trigger conversions online or in your distribution network.
Adjust your marketing pressure and automate the lifecycle management for a sustainable relationship with your customers. Respect the choice of device of your contacts and analyze your performance on mobile, tablet and computer.
Limit the churn rate of your database thanks to a large range of features and reactivation solutions. Send your newsletters when your contacts are actively opening emails to maximize your results.

  • Transactional emails and newsletter

  • Abandoned cart programs

  • Automatic birthday email

  • Life cycle automation

  • Personalized product recommendation

  • Performances by contact origin


  • Content categorization to optimize ad revenues

  • Marketing pressure management to limit churn rate

  • Declarative and behavioral segmentation

  • Content automation via RSS feeds

  • Device management with responsive design templates

Web to store

  • Automated teaser scenario for an in-store event

  • Integrated store locator for a personalized content

  • Barcodes and QR codes to keep track of in-store sales

  • Quality check of data collected in-store

  • Statistics by geographic zone

  • Multi-bases accounts with separate client access

  • Advanced statistics for each campaign and each client account

  • Full campaign reporting with .pdf exportations

  • Dedicated Account Manager